Sunday, April 17, 2011

of new images

Dragon Woman/Second Chakra ~ Companion
I am the guardian of the Jewel that is your creativity. I fire you up when needed. I want you to stop squelching your fire with too much "water." I am not a Water Dragon ~ I'm tired of swimming in deep emotions, vacillations and hesitations. We need activity, not sleep! You will remember when standing in front of the easel with a blank canvas waiting for you to do something.

Georgia O'Keeffe ~ Community
I am One Who is your First Inspiration to be an artist. I've seen you study my brush strokes in my paintings, figuring out how I did them. I want you to find your own way to paint. Study your own brush strokes. See the genius of your paintings. You will remember when you feel stuck on a painting. Trust your Genius; it will kick in.

Hestia ~ Council
I am the One Who is the Spiritual Center of your Home. I help you making altars and marking time with them. You are the one who is the glue that holds this Home together. I want you to remember to replenish your Self through connecting with Source, that well of formlessness-becoming-form. You will remember each time you create Sacred Space.

Obiwan Kenobi ~ Community
I am One Who came to you a tiny, fiery kitten, no bigger than your fist. I am your best furry friend, your familiar. I want you to take cat naps with me. My most favorite time is curling up next to you or on your belly for a sweet snooze.

Source ~ revised again.


psiam said...

May I please have a quarter cup of inspiration?

Every time I put my hands into some kind of creative work, I hear your voice in my heart and head urging me to stretch a little bit further.

Ellie said...

Just awesome! I'll have a cup of inspiration as well!!!