Friday, April 01, 2011

fritter-away friday

It is one of those semi-snowy days, dreary, gray, wet. A pseudo-spring of sorts. The house is quiet, but I'm not completely alone as one youth is home with a cold. He'll be doing his bit in Willie Wonka tonight along with his siblings though. I am feeling dreary, gray and wet ~ I'm even wearing gray today, come to think of it. On these days, I tend to feel the pinnacle of ultimate directionless and foginess. Do I want to paint? Would I rather spin? What about mindless mitered-square knitting with Monty Python on Netflix? I've made the loom accessible, how about tossing the shuttle awhile? Yoga? Paperwork and business dealings are assuredly out of the question.

Yes, it's a day I need to sit and figure out what I need and then go make myself do it. I need yoga, but I'll be practicing Yin Yoga as I'm not feeling up to Suryanamaskar moving into my Iyengar asanas. It's a sit-sit-sitty-sit day. Yin Yoga is good for that and will allow me to Be in a pose. After that non-activity, I think it would be good if I painted awhile. I don't have a walloping amount of time: Dirk will be home early, youths picked up at the bus stop, running to the vet for Bodhi, running back home to get said youths to a 5:30p call for acting, then on with the show! I think we'll finally be home 'round 9:00p. I shouldn't be too tired for even 5 minutes of meditation before turning in with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and lights out.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with the spiritual/personal studies, writing, meditating, moodling, reading. There's the holding of prayers for Japan and various other people in my life near and far. Oh, and breathing. Very important.

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psiam said...

Funny, the juxtaposition between this post and the one that precedes it. Yin, yang, ebb, flow.

Keep on with that breathing stuff. It suits you.