Wednesday, April 13, 2011

about the studio

First, this is the activity that's going on behind me as I write. Stone facade being adhered with semi-precision technology and adroitness. All hail the Hilti! I've been told we have a veritable gold mine in rocks. Mr. Slate from the Bedrock Quarry would have a field day. Well, if he weren't fictional, that is. While it's nice to know one's wealth in rocks, it does nothing to quell the desire to grow some decent tomatoes.

On the Family Room table: 22 mitered squares of 100% wool deliciousness. I think I'm aiming for 25 squares to make a 5 square by 5 square throw. It's not a rough 'n' tumble wool though so it will have to be handled gently and washed very infrequently. No dogs on this blanket, by gum.

And now to the studio . . .

A new corner developed here after I moved the Fannie outside the studio boundary about 3 feet. Georgia O'Keeffe still keeps a sharp on my activities or lack there of. And the same saori is still on the loom. Neither Rome nor this weaving were built in a day, but I've been tossing the shuttle when the moment suits me.

There's stuff to do on both my studio tables ~ SoulCollage, Artist's Way, Evolutionary Witchcraft, Yin Yoga. And the menopausal reading (yes, it's best to study something that's being experienced ~ gives one a clue at the very least) as well as herbal infusion information . . . and Tarot, of course. It's a busy area all in all.

I confess I haven't been in the Spinning Corner for awhile. The Millie is waiting patiently.

I'm having fun with the fire flower at the bottom of this piece. I don't know if this painting is going to grow yet. I need a solid block of time to myself to explore the possibility. Naturally, distractions abound.


Ashling said...

I hear ya on the rocks. We built three raised beds out of hemlock a couple of years ago,and they've worked well. This year we're expanding the garden by leaps and bounds, so the plan is to terrace an obnoxiously sloping area with cheap cinder blocks, fill in the 'terraces' with decent soil, and plant our 4 dozen tomatoes there. Catskills or Hudson Highlands, it's a rocky business in the Hudson Valley.

psiam said...

Once again, my soul is sated through viewing your art. Perhaps you are some of the fuel in my personal Hestian fire.

I. Want. That. Fire. Flower.

*hangs head in shame*