Saturday, April 30, 2011

new ways to play

Part of my creativity involves throwing myself deep into some activities. The activities aren't always related to painting, spinning or knitting ~ more like Processes, Curiosities and Meanderings. For the past couple of days, I've been playing with Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, but using the exercises with my deck of SoulCollage® cards. Last night, I played with this one random image from my deck, the Knitting Goddess.

One exercise requires the reader to write a description of the image with as much detail as possible. I wrote the following:

A group of women from different eras are knitting. Each is working on their projects, but only two are intent on their work. Katharine Hepburn looks over to a woman from another time, watching her hands knit the fiber. Another woman gazes out from the image. The yarn in the background is rich with color and texture.

The next part of the exercise asks the reader to read or write the description using the First Person. Since the image does indeed include me, I wrote the following from my perspective:

I am knitting with a group of women from different eras. Each is working on their projects, but only two are intent on their work. I notice Katharine Hepburn looks over to a woman from another time, watching her hands knit the fiber. Another woman gazes away from me and her knitting. I do not notice the yarn behind me, though I know it is there.

Another chapter introduces reading emotion in an image. Using the same image I wrote:

Each woman is working quietly on their knitting. Industrious, methodical activity steeped in history. There is a feeling of communion through the ages all held together by this single thread. One woman seems to use knitting as a means escape, daydreaming every stitch. Katharine Hepburn is relaxing between takes, but is eager to learn more from the industrious woman across space and time. The woman in the purple shirt seems content to be in the company of such great knitters. The yarn in the background is an invitation to pick up one's own thread and knit.

This also is read or written again in the First Person, but I'll spare the repetition. Through these exercises, I found a way to look at my own SoulCollage® deck as a rich resource for future card readings. Up until now, I'd been working with the cards only in a Daily Draw and writing I am the One Who . . . statements as outlined in Seena Frost's book. This new way to play might move me out of a particular rut.

On the next post, I'll tackle a reading using the Medicine Wheel layout borrowed from Jamie Sams and David Carson's Medicine Animals. Hopefully, I'll make some sense of it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

something finished, something not

The studio door that presently leads to a first step drop is usually my finished paintings' temporary stay before being protected with an acrylic medium. Yesterday, I was caught by the luminous qualities of this finished piece as the afternoon light filtered through the brighter parts.
Here the tunnel does indeed look like its got a light at the end of it. Well, that can't be bad then, can it?
The fire flower really pops. The photo isn't helping much, but it was brilliantly lit even though this is a northern french door.

 More shots of the light at the end of the tunnel . . .
It could be a new and different way to show art ~ like x-ray films, lit from behind.
I started this piece as soon as I moved the tunnel/fire flower. The lattice was painted in blues and blacks. The stars were added the next morning along with the orange and magenta squares. Now, it's at a standstill. What do I really want to do with this image? Something isn't moving just yet. Do I want to continue or do I scrap it? Is it worth setting aside and letting it percolate while I do something maybe a little more fun? Small artistic dilemmas.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

of new images

Dragon Woman/Second Chakra ~ Companion
I am the guardian of the Jewel that is your creativity. I fire you up when needed. I want you to stop squelching your fire with too much "water." I am not a Water Dragon ~ I'm tired of swimming in deep emotions, vacillations and hesitations. We need activity, not sleep! You will remember when standing in front of the easel with a blank canvas waiting for you to do something.

Georgia O'Keeffe ~ Community
I am One Who is your First Inspiration to be an artist. I've seen you study my brush strokes in my paintings, figuring out how I did them. I want you to find your own way to paint. Study your own brush strokes. See the genius of your paintings. You will remember when you feel stuck on a painting. Trust your Genius; it will kick in.

Hestia ~ Council
I am the One Who is the Spiritual Center of your Home. I help you making altars and marking time with them. You are the one who is the glue that holds this Home together. I want you to remember to replenish your Self through connecting with Source, that well of formlessness-becoming-form. You will remember each time you create Sacred Space.

Obiwan Kenobi ~ Community
I am One Who came to you a tiny, fiery kitten, no bigger than your fist. I am your best furry friend, your familiar. I want you to take cat naps with me. My most favorite time is curling up next to you or on your belly for a sweet snooze.

Source ~ revised again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

about the studio

First, this is the activity that's going on behind me as I write. Stone facade being adhered with semi-precision technology and adroitness. All hail the Hilti! I've been told we have a veritable gold mine in rocks. Mr. Slate from the Bedrock Quarry would have a field day. Well, if he weren't fictional, that is. While it's nice to know one's wealth in rocks, it does nothing to quell the desire to grow some decent tomatoes.

On the Family Room table: 22 mitered squares of 100% wool deliciousness. I think I'm aiming for 25 squares to make a 5 square by 5 square throw. It's not a rough 'n' tumble wool though so it will have to be handled gently and washed very infrequently. No dogs on this blanket, by gum.

And now to the studio . . .

A new corner developed here after I moved the Fannie outside the studio boundary about 3 feet. Georgia O'Keeffe still keeps a sharp on my activities or lack there of. And the same saori is still on the loom. Neither Rome nor this weaving were built in a day, but I've been tossing the shuttle when the moment suits me.

There's stuff to do on both my studio tables ~ SoulCollage, Artist's Way, Evolutionary Witchcraft, Yin Yoga. And the menopausal reading (yes, it's best to study something that's being experienced ~ gives one a clue at the very least) as well as herbal infusion information . . . and Tarot, of course. It's a busy area all in all.

I confess I haven't been in the Spinning Corner for awhile. The Millie is waiting patiently.

I'm having fun with the fire flower at the bottom of this piece. I don't know if this painting is going to grow yet. I need a solid block of time to myself to explore the possibility. Naturally, distractions abound.

Monday, April 04, 2011

what my chakras are housing these days

A few posts ago, here I believe, I mentioned a change in the SoulCollage line-up of my Power Animals as related to the chakras. Pine has moved into the 1st chakra with this image representing that energy. (One part of this image has Mara Friedman's 1st chakra image from Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot. I don't remember where I got the other digital image from, but know it's not mine ~ only the photo is my original image.)

Horses have always figured heavily in my life. My favorite animal growing up. My grandparents had a horse racing stable and always had horses or were involved in them. I drew them all the time and have a vast collection of Breyer horses. Real horses are a luxury these days ~ Breyer horses are cheaper and easier to maintain. And I'm not horribly ashamed to admit I'd pretend I was a horse plenty enough times to disturb my mother and a succession of Elementary teachers. I've figured Horse to be my 3rd chakra companion as a result ~ the 3rd chakra being related to Personal Power and Horse having, well, horsepower, it seemed a natural choice.

As I've been busy with Everyday Reality, it took me awhile to discern the 2nd chakra creature ~ until this weekend. For three days in a row, from The Druid Animal Oracle, I've drawn one type of dragon or another. In mulling over what on earth (or beyond earth) could be living in my 2nd chakra, visual flashes of the dragon-headed shaman woman I painted 12 years ago would pass by. Suddenly, it made sense. This image is from my very first and most powerful Source painting. Thus, my creativity is managed by Dragon. Funny thing about this realization is how different it feels to have a dragon hanging about in one's energetic make-up.

I feel a little more organized and able to create new SoulCollage images for these energetic spaces/beings. Not only do I feel organized about doing the SoulCollage, but also about taking a more active, fiery, if you will, role in my creativity. I don't have an exact plan yet and that's fine, but I do have some ideas swirling around; which is a fair start. I know it doesn't pay the bills just yet, but one never knows quite where the road leads. May as well enjoy the journey.

Albeit a little late in posting, here is the first Spring Equinox newt unceremoniously removed from under a cozy plank by the lake that day. We put the little fellow back before heading home for dinner.

Friday, April 01, 2011

fritter-away friday

It is one of those semi-snowy days, dreary, gray, wet. A pseudo-spring of sorts. The house is quiet, but I'm not completely alone as one youth is home with a cold. He'll be doing his bit in Willie Wonka tonight along with his siblings though. I am feeling dreary, gray and wet ~ I'm even wearing gray today, come to think of it. On these days, I tend to feel the pinnacle of ultimate directionless and foginess. Do I want to paint? Would I rather spin? What about mindless mitered-square knitting with Monty Python on Netflix? I've made the loom accessible, how about tossing the shuttle awhile? Yoga? Paperwork and business dealings are assuredly out of the question.

Yes, it's a day I need to sit and figure out what I need and then go make myself do it. I need yoga, but I'll be practicing Yin Yoga as I'm not feeling up to Suryanamaskar moving into my Iyengar asanas. It's a sit-sit-sitty-sit day. Yin Yoga is good for that and will allow me to Be in a pose. After that non-activity, I think it would be good if I painted awhile. I don't have a walloping amount of time: Dirk will be home early, youths picked up at the bus stop, running to the vet for Bodhi, running back home to get said youths to a 5:30p call for acting, then on with the show! I think we'll finally be home 'round 9:00p. I shouldn't be too tired for even 5 minutes of meditation before turning in with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and lights out.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with the spiritual/personal studies, writing, meditating, moodling, reading. There's the holding of prayers for Japan and various other people in my life near and far. Oh, and breathing. Very important.