Wednesday, March 16, 2011

vernal altars & bunny spinning

These are the beginnings of an altar for Vernal Equinox this Sunday. A couple o' mohair bunnies and a planter full of our woodsy earth and crystal eggs. Sprouting on the sill for adornment later are marigolds and forget-me-nots. When the forget-me-nots weren't showing much signs of sprouting, I'd expressed a certain displeasure with possibly buying a bunch of dud seeds. Bennie, standing near by and after a substantial pause, said, "Well. Maybe they forgot to grow." They seemed to have remembered in the past week though, so it's a hopeful sign.

Here are also the beginnings of an ounce of French Angora bunny hair. I don't dare release the beasty from the clam shell for fear of flying fluffery. So unless I'm spinning it, it stays in the box. The bunny is spinning up fine and sweet. Then I'll have to figure out what I want to do once it's spun . . . Fun, fun, fun!

I also have a new painting on the easel, but neglected to photograph it. The Medusa Self-portrait is hanging in the hall upstairs though. Ever onward . . .

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