Friday, March 25, 2011

ramblings on doing too much

Yes, still on the easel yet evolving. I've been busy outlining the vines in turquoise. It's time to go art supply shopping. After many years of having these large bottles of tempera, I'm actually starting to run low on some colors. Some new brushes would be nice as well. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying this painting right now. That's one thing.

Also, I've a couple of new SoulCollage images waiting to be affixed to illustration board (another item I'm using up after languishing in a box for years). First is Eat Pray Love. What is it that captivates me about this book? I don't feel the need to run away to find myself. I like to manage the spiritual-in-the-mundane where I am. On a daily basis, I perform all manner of service ~ prepared food, clean surroundings (my definition of clean, at least), fresh clothes, fed animals. Labors of Love? Maybe. It is most certainly the work that grounds me. I am blessed to be in a place I love where, most times, I can manage to do my spiritual work.

This other image replaces my Source image made from the very first SoulCollage workshop I went to a few years ago. That's the second thing(s).

There are no photos of the third, fourth and fifth projects I've got going because they haven't changed much from the last post or two. There's still Shetland/Leicester waiting by the Millie to be carded and spun. The French Angora is waiting in ze bowl on ze table with ze spindle. Mitered squares are nearly knitting themselves up in the evenings making use of time while waiting to pick up Tom from working the lights on another HS musical.

And here's where else I'm doing too much: READING! As well as various exercises accompanied with that reading. Evolutionary Witchcraft is still on the table. Is it really necessary to astral project? I've got laundry to do. A new book, Make Miracles in Forty Days by Melody Beattie, has been delivered. Interesting and exciting stuff that has spawned a new Yahoo! group for me to join. Of course, there's exercises to do. And, lastly, I'm revisiting The Artist's Way from 12 years ago and embarking on the exercises related to that book.

Since I've gotten an iPod Nan of my very own, there's the huge dearth of podcasts that could easily fritter away a day on spiritual/intellectual mind fodder. T. Thorn Coyle, Tarot Tribe, Selected Shorts to name but a few. Don't forget the fairly new disciplines of walking, yoga on Sundays (at the very least) and meditation before bed time.

And yet no one understands how I don't have time.


psiam said...

Your "space" photos always make your home/environment seem so damned appealing.

I want that peony image. Or . . . it looks like a peony to me. Just the peony. Not the eyes (which, frankly, are creeping me out). I can SMELL that flower.

Must answer your email, m'dear.

Ashling said...

No matter how busy I may be between work & blogs & wool & animals & house & giant gardens & writing & so on...I always feel like a slacking dullard after reading your posts. You are amazingly talented, dedicated and inspirational.