Tuesday, March 08, 2011

the intuitive flash

Some here might know I like to play with the SoulCollage process. Having just purchased Seena Frost's second book on the process, SoulCollage Evolving, I was reading through information about the Suits again. The Companions Suit has been nagging at me lately. For some time, I've had an inkling the creatures representing a few chakras weren't true for me anymore or had felt off to begin with, but just went with it. In fact, I may have jumped into a few decisions hastily eager to get my deck built up. Instead of following trances, dreams or intuition, I grabbed my Medicine Cards and pendulum and dowsed them all in one sitting. Lessons learned.

So with this need for a change in mind and nothing hastily done, I dowsed the Companions in my deck to find my lower three chakras have been either misrepresented or simply changed from three years ago when I started this little journey. Instead of using the Medicine Cards again I decided I would let these three animals come to me at the right time. I set that intention and then went for a walk. Sometimes, I'll take a thought with me on a walk. This walk carried the intention of finding new power animals ~ whether seen on the walk or in my mind's eye.

For the past two weeks, in efforts to get the winter cobwebs out of my mind and to get fit, I've been walking a half mile down the hill to a favorite resting place under a pine. This tree is strong and tall and has been living in this community for a great many years. It has seen the changes of people, cars, the dirt road it lives by. It has known the changes of seasons and the earth. There is wisdom in this tree. As I was working this Find a Power Animal thing in my mind and approaching the pine it suddenly occurred to me: here I am doing this First Chakra thing of physically being out with nature, something I love, and walking to this wonderful tree. Why can't this tree be my First Chakra Companion? There are few rules in Seena's book and I remember some mention if another type of being presented itself as a candidate for one's energy body then go with it.

I walked back up my hill (making that walk a good mile), elated and on fire with a plan. Soon after I got home, I hopped in the car with the camera and captured these images for my First Chakra SoulCollage image. My original image was of Whale/Whalerider. It was working for me fine, but hadn't quite felt right. I won't retire the card, but it will still be honored and used in a different way.

In the meantime, I think this image of my favorite pine is a good start.


Ellie said...

Awesome! Great way to come to a conclusion, and a lovely story too!

Rosie Kaplan said...

Hi- I am just getting onto the companion suite. I was going to follow you but couldn't find the button to do so. I have a painting blog and a soulcollage blog.

Love Rosie