Friday, March 25, 2011

ramblings on doing too much

Yes, still on the easel yet evolving. I've been busy outlining the vines in turquoise. It's time to go art supply shopping. After many years of having these large bottles of tempera, I'm actually starting to run low on some colors. Some new brushes would be nice as well. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying this painting right now. That's one thing.

Also, I've a couple of new SoulCollage images waiting to be affixed to illustration board (another item I'm using up after languishing in a box for years). First is Eat Pray Love. What is it that captivates me about this book? I don't feel the need to run away to find myself. I like to manage the spiritual-in-the-mundane where I am. On a daily basis, I perform all manner of service ~ prepared food, clean surroundings (my definition of clean, at least), fresh clothes, fed animals. Labors of Love? Maybe. It is most certainly the work that grounds me. I am blessed to be in a place I love where, most times, I can manage to do my spiritual work.

This other image replaces my Source image made from the very first SoulCollage workshop I went to a few years ago. That's the second thing(s).

There are no photos of the third, fourth and fifth projects I've got going because they haven't changed much from the last post or two. There's still Shetland/Leicester waiting by the Millie to be carded and spun. The French Angora is waiting in ze bowl on ze table with ze spindle. Mitered squares are nearly knitting themselves up in the evenings making use of time while waiting to pick up Tom from working the lights on another HS musical.

And here's where else I'm doing too much: READING! As well as various exercises accompanied with that reading. Evolutionary Witchcraft is still on the table. Is it really necessary to astral project? I've got laundry to do. A new book, Make Miracles in Forty Days by Melody Beattie, has been delivered. Interesting and exciting stuff that has spawned a new Yahoo! group for me to join. Of course, there's exercises to do. And, lastly, I'm revisiting The Artist's Way from 12 years ago and embarking on the exercises related to that book.

Since I've gotten an iPod Nan of my very own, there's the huge dearth of podcasts that could easily fritter away a day on spiritual/intellectual mind fodder. T. Thorn Coyle, Tarot Tribe, Selected Shorts to name but a few. Don't forget the fairly new disciplines of walking, yoga on Sundays (at the very least) and meditation before bed time.

And yet no one understands how I don't have time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

on the easel

I've been playing with this image on the easel the past couple of weeks. Last night, I painted in those golden, magenta hues with the strange flower petals. Sometimes, whatever happens on the paper, it just feels good to move paint around. So I let it all get Zen to see where it would go.

In the meantime, the Millie awaits a spinning date as I've still got a lot of Shetland and Leicester to finish.

And my Busy Hands desk is filled with too much reading and personal study materials. Too many irons in the fire? Perhaps. At least I'm not bored.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

vernal altars & bunny spinning

These are the beginnings of an altar for Vernal Equinox this Sunday. A couple o' mohair bunnies and a planter full of our woodsy earth and crystal eggs. Sprouting on the sill for adornment later are marigolds and forget-me-nots. When the forget-me-nots weren't showing much signs of sprouting, I'd expressed a certain displeasure with possibly buying a bunch of dud seeds. Bennie, standing near by and after a substantial pause, said, "Well. Maybe they forgot to grow." They seemed to have remembered in the past week though, so it's a hopeful sign.

Here are also the beginnings of an ounce of French Angora bunny hair. I don't dare release the beasty from the clam shell for fear of flying fluffery. So unless I'm spinning it, it stays in the box. The bunny is spinning up fine and sweet. Then I'll have to figure out what I want to do once it's spun . . . Fun, fun, fun!

I also have a new painting on the easel, but neglected to photograph it. The Medusa Self-portrait is hanging in the hall upstairs though. Ever onward . . .

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

the intuitive flash

Some here might know I like to play with the SoulCollage process. Having just purchased Seena Frost's second book on the process, SoulCollage Evolving, I was reading through information about the Suits again. The Companions Suit has been nagging at me lately. For some time, I've had an inkling the creatures representing a few chakras weren't true for me anymore or had felt off to begin with, but just went with it. In fact, I may have jumped into a few decisions hastily eager to get my deck built up. Instead of following trances, dreams or intuition, I grabbed my Medicine Cards and pendulum and dowsed them all in one sitting. Lessons learned.

So with this need for a change in mind and nothing hastily done, I dowsed the Companions in my deck to find my lower three chakras have been either misrepresented or simply changed from three years ago when I started this little journey. Instead of using the Medicine Cards again I decided I would let these three animals come to me at the right time. I set that intention and then went for a walk. Sometimes, I'll take a thought with me on a walk. This walk carried the intention of finding new power animals ~ whether seen on the walk or in my mind's eye.

For the past two weeks, in efforts to get the winter cobwebs out of my mind and to get fit, I've been walking a half mile down the hill to a favorite resting place under a pine. This tree is strong and tall and has been living in this community for a great many years. It has seen the changes of people, cars, the dirt road it lives by. It has known the changes of seasons and the earth. There is wisdom in this tree. As I was working this Find a Power Animal thing in my mind and approaching the pine it suddenly occurred to me: here I am doing this First Chakra thing of physically being out with nature, something I love, and walking to this wonderful tree. Why can't this tree be my First Chakra Companion? There are few rules in Seena's book and I remember some mention if another type of being presented itself as a candidate for one's energy body then go with it.

I walked back up my hill (making that walk a good mile), elated and on fire with a plan. Soon after I got home, I hopped in the car with the camera and captured these images for my First Chakra SoulCollage image. My original image was of Whale/Whalerider. It was working for me fine, but hadn't quite felt right. I won't retire the card, but it will still be honored and used in a different way.

In the meantime, I think this image of my favorite pine is a good start.