Wednesday, February 02, 2011

stretching Imbolc w/ SoulCollage

I read somewhere recently, couldn't cite where right now, that Brighid is celebrated through to the 6th of February with different activities. And it'll be Superbowl Sunday to boot. Let's not digress discussing the seasonal pig-skin toss, shall we? Today's activity is planned around creating SoulCollage cards. I was going to practice some asanas, but the day is moving along at a rapid pace and I'd rather spend time in front of the fire. I've gleaned a nice image from the internet of Brighid in both Her adopted Christian and Pagan forms and I intend to make good use of it. I also want to make some spontaneous happy cards. Me and the Doldrums have been sharing space for too long. If there is any indication of Spring sprouting anew, it has to start with me. Bennie might join me if she can tear herself from Eclipse.

Now. Pass the rubber cement, please. I've play to do.

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