Wednesday, February 23, 2011

presidential pizza!

Okay, I doubt it'll catch on as well as White Sales, but this past Monday, President's Day, we fired up the brick oven. It took about two hours for the oven to heat up using elm and cedar. It was all guess work with the only indicator being a whitened ceiling in the oven.

Bill came to make pizza bringing a few necessary ingredients. However, Dirk and I decided a pizza peel was just as necessary. So he and Bill ran across the river to a restaurant supply place for a 14 inch wide pizza peel. That became an adventure in itself for them, but that is another story. While they were gone (lost), I kept the oven hot.

Once back, Bill and Bennie built a pizza with the usual stuff and here is Bill sliding it in with the newly acquired pizza peel . . .

As you can see here, the pizza cooked up very quickly . . .

And here we are retrieving that very pizza from the oven. The first, in fact! The crust was incredible!

And in the realm of the completely unrelated: Bennie in her new unicorn hat from Hot Topic.


Ashling said...

Fun AND yummy...does it get any better?

psiam said...


That is so many kinds of awesome that I can't hope to count them all. How soon will you do it again?

Incidentally, Alton Brown has a terrific recipe for pizza dough. Yes, it really does take 15 minutes to knead.