Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Blessed Imbolc to all! Feeling like an altar-building geek these days, I was too excited to wait until tomorrow or the next day when, according to Archaeoastronomy, Imbolc is happening with the astronomical alignments in place. I like following Nature's timing on things. However, a glance out the window hardly feels like the beginnings of spring. In fact, right now, as we breathe and go about our business, stalwart men and women are in barns lambing ewes, possibly day and night. Bless their little wooly boots.

In other news, I've been working the lime/gray blend into the simple, unpretentious hat linked to me by a friend in my comments section. Jesse's Christmas Hat is a happy thing. Follow the link if you'd like, but you've got to be a Ravelry member.

Continuing on a similar thread, I was explaining to my S-in-L, Bethe, about knitting with singles and how they lean according to the twist. That conversation piqued an interest in giving the techniques of Kathryn Alexander a whirl. The only known published pattern I've ever seen from Kathryn is in the Winter 2008 Spin-Off ~ Swoopy Skirts. Since I have singles lying about and I'm in the process of making more with the Shetland/Border Leicester, it should be enough material to play with little triangles. Need to remember to spin S-twist singles now. I spin pretty tight Z-twists so while quite a bit of my yarn waits for something wonderful to happen, it might still be energized enough for the desired results. Or maybe something completely different will happen and it'll all still be good. I don't plan on actually making the skirt ~ we'll see. Also, Kathryn uses the most wonderful colors for her yarn; all hand-dyed, no Kool-Aid dying there. All in all, it's lovely stuff and interesting knitting kits.

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Ashling said...

Blessed Imbolc...may the peace and promise carry you safely right through to the first visible signs of Spring!