Wednesday, February 23, 2011

presidential pizza!

Okay, I doubt it'll catch on as well as White Sales, but this past Monday, President's Day, we fired up the brick oven. It took about two hours for the oven to heat up using elm and cedar. It was all guess work with the only indicator being a whitened ceiling in the oven.

Bill came to make pizza bringing a few necessary ingredients. However, Dirk and I decided a pizza peel was just as necessary. So he and Bill ran across the river to a restaurant supply place for a 14 inch wide pizza peel. That became an adventure in itself for them, but that is another story. While they were gone (lost), I kept the oven hot.

Once back, Bill and Bennie built a pizza with the usual stuff and here is Bill sliding it in with the newly acquired pizza peel . . .

As you can see here, the pizza cooked up very quickly . . .

And here we are retrieving that very pizza from the oven. The first, in fact! The crust was incredible!

And in the realm of the completely unrelated: Bennie in her new unicorn hat from Hot Topic.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the snakes needed names

Sometimes the perfect nudge to do something means moving it slightly to the left. For the longest time, I'd had the board set on the ground with this painting-in-progress on it until yesterday when I thought it would be better to get the board back up on the easel. Suddenly, I needed to paint.

After I filled in the sides with black and outlined all the snakes in black line, I sat back having a gander at the progress. The snakes started developing sentences . . . This is Dawn's mind on meditation. I am Dawn's anger. I need a flamethrower for this paperwork. I am Dawn's passive-aggressive tendencies. I am Dawn's compassion. It went on like that for awhile until I typed the sentences and printed them out. I'm going on my third set of random sentences. It's likely many of the words will be obscured with more paint, but it's cathartic for the moment so I'll run with it.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

according to the planets and stuff . . .

Today is Imbolc. The candle was formally lit this morning. Formal meaning: bleary-eyed and without the first cup of black tea with honey and half-n-half. I'm not sure why this need to create Sacred Spaces has come over me. Maybe altar making is something I can feel pretty sure about ~ it gives me warm fuzzies. However, on a planetary note, I'm a little peeved my Home Planet is often referred to as the "angry red planet." Mars isn't always angry, y'know. Sometimes, Mars energy is that of movement, fire in the belly or a lit fire under the arse. It's Get Up and Go! Sometimes without looking or thinking it all out thoroughly, but that might be okay at the moment. Cut Mars a little slack. Go pick on Saturn or some other afflicting planet.

I posted yesterday about creating a SoulCollage card for Brighid ~ this is the result . . .

I borrowed the image from The Wild Hunt and added from magazines whilst warming toesies by the fire. It was all good fun.

Today's Brighid activities: This and yoga. That's it. With a quiet house, what more does one need?

Oh, right. Chocolate.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

stretching Imbolc w/ SoulCollage

I read somewhere recently, couldn't cite where right now, that Brighid is celebrated through to the 6th of February with different activities. And it'll be Superbowl Sunday to boot. Let's not digress discussing the seasonal pig-skin toss, shall we? Today's activity is planned around creating SoulCollage cards. I was going to practice some asanas, but the day is moving along at a rapid pace and I'd rather spend time in front of the fire. I've gleaned a nice image from the internet of Brighid in both Her adopted Christian and Pagan forms and I intend to make good use of it. I also want to make some spontaneous happy cards. Me and the Doldrums have been sharing space for too long. If there is any indication of Spring sprouting anew, it has to start with me. Bennie might join me if she can tear herself from Eclipse.

Now. Pass the rubber cement, please. I've play to do.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Blessed Imbolc to all! Feeling like an altar-building geek these days, I was too excited to wait until tomorrow or the next day when, according to Archaeoastronomy, Imbolc is happening with the astronomical alignments in place. I like following Nature's timing on things. However, a glance out the window hardly feels like the beginnings of spring. In fact, right now, as we breathe and go about our business, stalwart men and women are in barns lambing ewes, possibly day and night. Bless their little wooly boots.

In other news, I've been working the lime/gray blend into the simple, unpretentious hat linked to me by a friend in my comments section. Jesse's Christmas Hat is a happy thing. Follow the link if you'd like, but you've got to be a Ravelry member.

Continuing on a similar thread, I was explaining to my S-in-L, Bethe, about knitting with singles and how they lean according to the twist. That conversation piqued an interest in giving the techniques of Kathryn Alexander a whirl. The only known published pattern I've ever seen from Kathryn is in the Winter 2008 Spin-Off ~ Swoopy Skirts. Since I have singles lying about and I'm in the process of making more with the Shetland/Border Leicester, it should be enough material to play with little triangles. Need to remember to spin S-twist singles now. I spin pretty tight Z-twists so while quite a bit of my yarn waits for something wonderful to happen, it might still be energized enough for the desired results. Or maybe something completely different will happen and it'll all still be good. I don't plan on actually making the skirt ~ we'll see. Also, Kathryn uses the most wonderful colors for her yarn; all hand-dyed, no Kool-Aid dying there. All in all, it's lovely stuff and interesting knitting kits.