Tuesday, January 25, 2011

where it's at

My biddy doll arrived last night! In plenty of time to organize my Brighid/Imbolc altar, too. She also came with the nifty slice of agate a-glowin' to the right there. What impresses me is the corn husk construction. Where does one get corn husks this time of year? I promise to get corn husks during the summer so next year's recipient gets something a little more authentic out of me. So, thank you, Izzy. You have set me straight on my lax dolly making.

In the meantime, fibery things have been getting done around the house. I'm kind of stuck here for most of the day, thanks to the weather. So it's either I spin and knit or completely vegetate to Netflix all day. The latter does nothing for my sanity. Neither does the former, come to think on it, but no matter; I digress . . .

Firstly, here is that crazy-colored lime green and gray mohair/wool blend all spun and plied. It screams Hat! But a simple hat. An unpretentious hat. No cat.

There's a bit of this going on ~

Brown Shetland and Wild Pink Border Leicester, you say? But, of course! Crazier things in life have occurred.

It seems to work well here . . .

And here!
The continued knitting of mitered squares ensues. That I can easily do and vegetate to Netflix. Who says multitasking is dead?

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psiam said...

Once again, your skills amaze me.

Check out the hat I made for Lori. It's a fun, quick knit and stretches nicely.

Corn husks can be procured at a Mexican/Latino market. Look for tamale wrappers. That's what I'm off to do today in anticipation of a coven activity on Saturday.