Tuesday, January 04, 2011

sacred space

Without delving too deeply into the obvious, the crazy holidays are now done. We're all headed into a New Year with rose-colored glasses and diet plans. This time between Solstice and Imbolc is that perfect time for turning inward. In my part of the world, the snow falls more frequently and heavily ~ sometimes until the end of March. It's a natural desire to stay inside where it's warm and cozy. We try to hibernate, but society dictates otherwise . . . So again, I attempt to adopt a discipline of daily meditation. I'm certain I start over at least 5 times a year with this particular discipline. I think the obstacles lie in one's perception of meditation. In yoga magazines or lovely coffee table meditation books, photos of serene scenes with peaceful qualities are featured ~ all of which rarely depicts real life in Western society. So already, you're going to fail at any meditative state because nothing in your environment looks like the picture. Sad fact is we're often inundated with noise on a daily basis and homes are usually cluttered. I agree it's important to find a space and claim it for meditation by clearing out the unsightlies and creating an altar. And it looks lovely. However, the next obstacle: When to actually sit? Here is where my discipline falters. I have tried the early morning meditation ~ when all is quiet, before sunrise ~ but I can't relax because I've the Clock ticking in my head as I am the Human Alarm Clock for my family. This kind of meditation works well if there's no school or nowhere to go. I've toyed with meditating right about now. The house is empty. It is quiet. Most times the phone doesn't ring and if it does I generally have the capacity to ignore it. Here's the big BUT: my days aren't always like this. There are times when school is closed. There's often stretches of time when Dirk isn't working a site. Getting into a regular practice easily falls to the wayside because it's too frustrating to meditate through the interruptions. So. I'm thinking, and I could be mistaken, meditating just before going to bed might be the ticket to Nirvana. Yes, there's TV noise and an errant child or two playing Black Ops with all it's requisite on-line commands to underlings. However, it's all downstairs. I'll hear it, but I think I can fuzz it out by including it in the background noise of my meditation. Either that or it's time I got myself an i-pod, by golly.

Now that I've digressed long enough, I refer you to the photo at the beginning. This is my spanking new meditation space. It's in our walk-in closet. It is private, out of the way and possesses a coziness I enjoy. The closet has a working door which makes clear I don't wish to be disturbed in any way. The altar is spare for the moment, but it'll percolate awhile and Meaningful Things will soon be making their appearances. I'll be giving this space a whirl tonight. May the Force be with me.

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