Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i've found my dot

The wearing of a bindi is the Hindu equivalent of wearing a tiara around the house. It makes a woman feel extraordinary in ordinary activities. Bennie and I stuck little sticker gems to our 3rd Eyes whilst creating xmas cards this past Yule. It was fun and cute and really made you aware you had something stuck to your forehead in a 3rd Eye open sort of way. Otherwise, it's easy to forget you've done something as silly as sticking things to your pate.

I've no intention of converting to Hinduism. I'm just not that organized. I merely felt like honoring myself after managing to sit for a whole 20 minutes to meditate after everyone went to work/school. (Okay. I didn't actually meditate before turning in last night. Honestly, I was too tired.) What better way to say Thank You to your 6th Chakra than to adorn it with something sparkly? I bumped into that xmas gem going through my jewelry box after sitting and popped it on without giving it a second thought. (Well, until now ~ otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it.)

I have actually moved through my day with focus and intention. I've cleaned the litterboxes. I've gotten through 3 loads of laundry. I've done the dishes ~ by hand (we're out of dishwasher detergent). I've e-mailed and now blogged all with a little plastic gem adhered to my forehead. Every woman might benefit from a bindi-wearing day once in awhile. It's easier to create or find than a tiara and a little less ostentatious. Hindu women have always fascinated me with their saris and bindis. With those two fashion accessories alone they seem mysterious and very feminine. Just for today and maybe tomorrow, I can enjoy feeling mysterious and feminine with this little tiny adornment.

Now. It's time for the bindi and I to take a nap. We are very tired.

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