Tuesday, January 25, 2011

where it's at

My biddy doll arrived last night! In plenty of time to organize my Brighid/Imbolc altar, too. She also came with the nifty slice of agate a-glowin' to the right there. What impresses me is the corn husk construction. Where does one get corn husks this time of year? I promise to get corn husks during the summer so next year's recipient gets something a little more authentic out of me. So, thank you, Izzy. You have set me straight on my lax dolly making.

In the meantime, fibery things have been getting done around the house. I'm kind of stuck here for most of the day, thanks to the weather. So it's either I spin and knit or completely vegetate to Netflix all day. The latter does nothing for my sanity. Neither does the former, come to think on it, but no matter; I digress . . .

Firstly, here is that crazy-colored lime green and gray mohair/wool blend all spun and plied. It screams Hat! But a simple hat. An unpretentious hat. No cat.

There's a bit of this going on ~

Brown Shetland and Wild Pink Border Leicester, you say? But, of course! Crazier things in life have occurred.

It seems to work well here . . .

And here!
The continued knitting of mitered squares ensues. That I can easily do and vegetate to Netflix. Who says multitasking is dead?

Friday, January 21, 2011

just another snow day

They're here. Another snow day. School should be closed at the extreme seasons ~ winter and summer, closed. Fall and spring, open. At least the weather wouldn't be extreme; unless there's something going on I'm not aware of, ozone holes, aside. Mayan calendar issues, perhaps.

Nonetheless, Tom is on the couch.

Bennie is in the Big Ass Red Chair.

Ian has set up a gaming station near the other computer with his new TV.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Netflix! Presently playing: Dude, Where's My Car? Throughout the day we could be watching Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, South Park, Doctor Who and All Creatures Great and Small . . . aside from movies we don't have on DVD.

And these squares won't be going to Soweto. Feeling the need to get through a large amount of stash and make a blanket for some place closer to home. Saves on the postage. Selfish, I know, but there it is.

Let us all do a Happy Feet Dance for Bennie's delivered biddy doll from Ruth! It is a lovely bit of craziness and funkiness. There are even a tiny pair of drumsticks. I'm looking forward to mine. I hope to adorn an Imbolc altar with the dollies and other sacred things appropriate to the time.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i've found my dot

The wearing of a bindi is the Hindu equivalent of wearing a tiara around the house. It makes a woman feel extraordinary in ordinary activities. Bennie and I stuck little sticker gems to our 3rd Eyes whilst creating xmas cards this past Yule. It was fun and cute and really made you aware you had something stuck to your forehead in a 3rd Eye open sort of way. Otherwise, it's easy to forget you've done something as silly as sticking things to your pate.

I've no intention of converting to Hinduism. I'm just not that organized. I merely felt like honoring myself after managing to sit for a whole 20 minutes to meditate after everyone went to work/school. (Okay. I didn't actually meditate before turning in last night. Honestly, I was too tired.) What better way to say Thank You to your 6th Chakra than to adorn it with something sparkly? I bumped into that xmas gem going through my jewelry box after sitting and popped it on without giving it a second thought. (Well, until now ~ otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it.)

I have actually moved through my day with focus and intention. I've cleaned the litterboxes. I've gotten through 3 loads of laundry. I've done the dishes ~ by hand (we're out of dishwasher detergent). I've e-mailed and now blogged all with a little plastic gem adhered to my forehead. Every woman might benefit from a bindi-wearing day once in awhile. It's easier to create or find than a tiara and a little less ostentatious. Hindu women have always fascinated me with their saris and bindis. With those two fashion accessories alone they seem mysterious and very feminine. Just for today and maybe tomorrow, I can enjoy feeling mysterious and feminine with this little tiny adornment.

Now. It's time for the bindi and I to take a nap. We are very tired.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

sacred space

Without delving too deeply into the obvious, the crazy holidays are now done. We're all headed into a New Year with rose-colored glasses and diet plans. This time between Solstice and Imbolc is that perfect time for turning inward. In my part of the world, the snow falls more frequently and heavily ~ sometimes until the end of March. It's a natural desire to stay inside where it's warm and cozy. We try to hibernate, but society dictates otherwise . . . So again, I attempt to adopt a discipline of daily meditation. I'm certain I start over at least 5 times a year with this particular discipline. I think the obstacles lie in one's perception of meditation. In yoga magazines or lovely coffee table meditation books, photos of serene scenes with peaceful qualities are featured ~ all of which rarely depicts real life in Western society. So already, you're going to fail at any meditative state because nothing in your environment looks like the picture. Sad fact is we're often inundated with noise on a daily basis and homes are usually cluttered. I agree it's important to find a space and claim it for meditation by clearing out the unsightlies and creating an altar. And it looks lovely. However, the next obstacle: When to actually sit? Here is where my discipline falters. I have tried the early morning meditation ~ when all is quiet, before sunrise ~ but I can't relax because I've the Clock ticking in my head as I am the Human Alarm Clock for my family. This kind of meditation works well if there's no school or nowhere to go. I've toyed with meditating right about now. The house is empty. It is quiet. Most times the phone doesn't ring and if it does I generally have the capacity to ignore it. Here's the big BUT: my days aren't always like this. There are times when school is closed. There's often stretches of time when Dirk isn't working a site. Getting into a regular practice easily falls to the wayside because it's too frustrating to meditate through the interruptions. So. I'm thinking, and I could be mistaken, meditating just before going to bed might be the ticket to Nirvana. Yes, there's TV noise and an errant child or two playing Black Ops with all it's requisite on-line commands to underlings. However, it's all downstairs. I'll hear it, but I think I can fuzz it out by including it in the background noise of my meditation. Either that or it's time I got myself an i-pod, by golly.

Now that I've digressed long enough, I refer you to the photo at the beginning. This is my spanking new meditation space. It's in our walk-in closet. It is private, out of the way and possesses a coziness I enjoy. The closet has a working door which makes clear I don't wish to be disturbed in any way. The altar is spare for the moment, but it'll percolate awhile and Meaningful Things will soon be making their appearances. I'll be giving this space a whirl tonight. May the Force be with me.