Wednesday, December 08, 2010

studio time

From this vantage point of my studio I can survey all.

While Millie and I spin Ava the Shetland fleece, I take a few moments to mull over this painting ~ see if I get any direction from it whatsoever. It's fine if I don't. I didn't intend to paint today. Spinning has the stronger pull on my attention.

We bought a color ink cartridge for the HP which allowed me to finally print off SoulCollage images I'd made a couple of months ago. While I'm waiting for both surfaces of rubber cemented materials to dry, I spin up a rolag or two.

This table has a few things going on ~ a sock (of which I can only knit one because, like a dope, I didn't buy two balls of the yarn needed), Triple Goddess Tarot book reading, Birth Angels book reading (I have philosophical issues with this book), and just Other Stuff.

The important thing is having worked up the gumption to spend time here today. It required a mid-morning nap (waking up at 5:30am daily catches up with one after awhile) and a hefty cup of Chai, but I made it to the studio refreshed and able to multi-task. What abducted my time and attention for so long was the managing of holiday gatherings, the comings and goings of folks, cooking ad nauseum, followed by the requisite cleaning. The dust has finally settled.

But now I'm listening to a variety of xmas songs . . .


Ashling said...

I have so missed your posts!

psiam said...

Regarding that ball of yarn: look on ebay, or on Ravelry. It's possible that someone has a matching ball to sell or share.