Monday, December 20, 2010

lux humana

Yes, it's bad Latin, but it sounds so good.

Anyway, we lit the last candle in the Advent Garden last night with the inclusion of human-created items ~ little houses, dollhouse table and chairs, a pen my brother made and a paint brush. I think these things smack of the Light of Man.

And for those who have asked: I made the table top from left over tiles, broken pottery, shells and those nifty vase beads found at $1 stores. It is a heavy table.

So. Tomorrow at sundown, we light the Solstice candle along with the others. Provided we're home, I'll let those puppies burn down in silence and safety. Well, I'm not certain of the "silence" part of that equation as there's generally some noise going on in the home at night. TV, Turrets-like cursing at the video game of the moment, barking at air ~ the usual family pandemonium outside of work/school hours in a house. But, hey, it's all good fun.

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psiam said...

I meant to tell you that the postal service must have run your Yule card through some sort of machinery as all the little rhinestones had poked through the envelope. Until I opened it, I wondered if something alive was in there and that you'd poked air holes in it. LOL

In the back of my credenza is a box with one or two remaining beeswax candles made by my dearest friend. I think they need to be lit. Now.