Thursday, December 09, 2010

Look, Ma! It's Frida Kahlo!

Using the well-honed art of procrastination, I cleared out all dated periodicals from various nooks and crannies in our home. Magazines and newspapers were inserted into places one would not normally look. Dirk likes to hang on to certain things ~ real estate mags, anything featuring U2, Led Zeppelin, Star Wars or the NY Giants, local news features about the area's latest tax hikes (and there are many). I gleaned through the crap for everyone and then hauled out the remainder to the bin. I am taking full advantage of garbage day. The house is 30 pounds lighter.

I then made chicken soup with some leftover carcass I know no one here would ever eat again unless found in a different state ~ soup or salad. I finished gluing other computer-generated SoulCollage images to illustration board. Those finished cards will need a coat of acrylic for protection, but not today. Instead, I wanted to get a few more CG images done before we're out of colored ink again. (Dirk rarely needs color for any of his documents so colored ink cartridges are considered frivolous. This from a man who insisted on electric heat mats under the bathroom flooring for warm tootsies.) I would have like to have gotten a few more done, but I really got caught with Frida. Her images are famous and ubiquitous, yet they have so much raw power when one actually does a Zen stop and really sees the genius. I got lost simply looking at her paintings wondering/remembering (from Salma Hayak's movie) what she was going through when she painted each of them.

Go ahead, do an Image Search. Someone will send a posse to find you.

So . . . this is all I got done today. It was worth it.

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