Monday, December 13, 2010

3rd week of Advent

The third light of Advent
Is the light of beasts.
The light of hope we see
In the greatest and in the least.

Representations of beasts have been added to our Advent Garden. Bennie asked what we'd add for humans. I don't want to drag out photos again so I figure we could add human constructs ~ a little house, a paint brush, haiku, small pottery . . . stuff human-made and human-used.

Tonight, we get our tree! It will be a wet tree, thanks to the rain, but it's all good. I'm eager for a little Yuletide decor 'round here. Air-blown Santas, Rudolphs and Frostys aren't enough.

1 comment:

psiam said...

What got you started on Advent?

Just as an aside, I want to know if that's a table underneath the items, if it's a table is it something you made, and if there's grout between those tiles.