Friday, November 19, 2010

snakes on a brain

Though I was in the throes of perpetual corn bread baking (yes, another GS bake sale ~ where's the fork?), I took time out for a mini-vision. It's similar to a minivan yet seats more than 7. Somewhere in this guided meditation, I had to ask what archetype I needed right now. So Medusa appeared. And the moment She appeared it was apparent the self-portrait image was going to change. Soon after hauling more baked corn bread around, I made my way to the studio. Sitting with the palette on my lap I looked myself in the eye and declared I trusted myself implicitly. I had a vision and I thought it would apply here and if I'm wrong we'll go in another direction. I just need to let me know. Be honest.

So . . . here we are waiting for these writhing wrigglies to dry so that I can either add more or add details to the ones present and accounted for. I also have an idea I'm adding paper to either side of this image ~ nothing with straight edges.

Now, the real query at this juncture is: Why Medusa? She's not very popular. Aside from the lively corn rows, She tends to turn things to stone. She isn't very nice. Yet there is an ancient, primal wisdom residing in Medusa's pate and it can't be ignored. Not many of my Goddess-related books make any concrete mention of Her except in relation to the guy who slayed Her with the mirror (I dare not mention his name) or Athena.

Well, I'll keep on painting and see what develops.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the reluctant self portrait

The night before last, I took the hairy skeleton off the easel. I figure I'm done, but I'll let it percolate a bit before sealing it over with acrylic spray. So I started something with blobs and circles as soon as the easel was clear. The image formed itself yesterday afternoon. Now. Where does it go from here? It's the journey that counts.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

now it gets black and hairy

But first, the Ancestor Altar which will be residing in my grandmother's old high chair until after Archaeoastronomy's Samhain date. The ancestors a-top on the lace are those of our choosing ~ Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Gray, John Entwhistle, John Lennon, Ted Andrews and Frida Kahlo. Those on the tray are our blood ancestors ~ Uncle Tom, Eleni (2x) and Mom & Dad.

Bennie and I are spending time in the studio today. One of those Superintendent's Day "holidays" have given the youths the day off from school. The male youths are elsewhere playing video games.

The skeleton painting has, once again, undergone some strange transformations. Black splotches and tendrils are making themselves known. So far, I like them. It reminds me of looking through trees in sunrise or sunset when the trees are all black in the foreground and the jeweled colors of the sky peak through the branches. It lets my painstakingly painted tiny spirals continue to exist even if caught under a layer of black.