Saturday, October 09, 2010

yoga sox & chicken watching

It's been busy. As a result, it's difficult carving out the time needed to be creative let alone write about being creative. However, I have been working ~ slowly ~ on Bennie's yoga socks. For my birthday, I'd been graced with a pair made by Ruth with the instructions included. So I'm taking the odds and ends of sock yarn to make Bennie a pair. They are knitting up swimmingly. Well, good enough for one so far.

Sometimes we have a moment between phone calls, appointments of various description and site hopping to sit with the chickens. This little one is from the batch we call the Baker's Dozen as she is part of a 13-egg brood. She'd also been getting picked on by one of her siblings and was hanging out with the humans for comfort, but soon went right back to scratching on her own.

Naturally, when a few of the older chicks see someone getting attention and food, they all jump on.

Then others just want to make a get-away on the forklift.

It's our own Chicken TV. It's been suggested we video the chickens meandering and scratching then post it on You Tube. Further suggesting there might be folks out there willing watch chickens doing their thing on line. I find that mildly disturbing, but then there's worse things one could watch on the internet.

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psiam said...

The picture of Dirk and the chickens is adorable.

ChickenTV. There's a future in it.