Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday yoga

During Selected Shorts (but after feeding the Tribe), I'd nearly finished Bennie's yoga socks. Just another 8 rows of k1p1 rib and then I'm spinning the Ava waiting in the corner of my newly-created spinning area in the studio. A little light and a flat surface for tea as well as the Millie make for a fine Spinning Corner.

Earlier this morning, Bennie and I met in the Great Room for a little yoga. We did really easy asanas starting with a very slow Sun Salutation sequence. I'd already gone walking with Dirk and the dogs so I was fairly flexible enough to go through the motions, but it was important to go slow for Bennie. It's hard to believe she isn't all that flexible (yet). Either that or my body's cellular memory hasn't gone dementia on me (yet). It was good to get even a little of that stretching in on a Sunday.

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psiam said...

I'm kind of surprised that Bennie isn't more limber. I'm sure you'll help her take care of that.

So you let yourself out of GS? Excellent news!