Monday, October 18, 2010

now what, rabbit?

What does one do with gray-green mohair/wool? Another simple bucket hat? Cup cozy? Tea cozy? I'm at a loss. Yet I continue to spin the weirdness, mostly in waiting rooms, with some deep conviction it will become something, well, pretty good at least. The nature of this fiber and its subsequent form will reveal itself to me in due time, I suppose.

In the meantime, here is the Shetland fleece, Ava (Sheep #422) waiting to be carded and spun. Again, she waits none too patiently. I can feel her baleful eye upon my back as I moodle about with journal sketches or play with the Tarot. I am shirking some fibery duty and Ava is not amused. At least the corner looks nice.

Certainly, another creative obligation not being met.

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