Thursday, October 14, 2010

more sox & SoulCollage

Bennie is happy with the progress of her mis-matched yoga socks. I'm happy too. It means I'm enjoying some creative time after weeks, no wait! months, of dealing with the post head-on collision madness of finding another vehicle. Craig's List annoys me. As mentioned, you can find a good deal but you might have to travel to Alaska to get it. The patrons gratuits for said socks can be found here. Now I cheated the pattern a bit, finding it necessary to have the ball of the foot bare for yoga and shortened the instep section of the sock. We'll have to see how that works out for Bennie Sunday. She has expressed an interest in all things Yoga. After trying to find safe, youth-friendly asana sequences on the internet, I thought it best to simply practice with her on Sundays instead. (Yes, with football highlights and games roaring in the background.) This will be good. We get to do something together (I quit Girl Scouts ~ Bennie's still in) and I get to do yoga more often.

Creating more stuff . . .

I busied myself playing with SoulCollage last night making these two images:

The Fool . . .

and something I don't have a name for yet.

I also resurrected American Gothika from the mishap of March 2010. I bumped into the image again in my folder/pile of images and suddenly if felt dear to me. I had tossed the other mistakes, but held on to this one for reasons yet to be determined. The finished image has been re-affixed to the illustration board with a healthy dose of rubber cement. I have to sit with this one and let if ferment.

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