Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the altered altar

The Brighid altar has been relocated. It's been here, at the edge of my studio for about a month. I was giving it a trial run in this location. What's good about having the altar in my studio is that it's in sight. The Flame of Inspiration burns happily and safely. Brighid has my attention when I'm creating or reading or playing with the Tarot. The flame isn't lit right now because I'm waiting for sundown when it will be my turn for Vigil.

I love my Vigils. The time I spend with Herself is rich with potential, gratitude, awe, creativity. I feel most poetic though my poetry isn't always the written word ~ more an extra feeling into whatever I endeavor to do. Even if it's just doing the laundry.


Ashling said...

How beautifully said. I've done Flamekeeping shifts off and on for at least a decade, but your approach is spiritually and creatively inspirational in its own right/rite. Thank you!

psiam said...

How is it that every glance of your daily life feels like verdant serenity?