Tuesday, September 07, 2010


There are times in knitting when one falters and lets ego manage a project. This past weekend the heady surge of a completed second 3/4-length sleeve on my design-as-you-go monk sweatercoat got the best of me. My inflated ego had delusions of grandeur: a short-row collar, canted off to one shoulder. That, it thought, would look right nifty! I spent most of Sunday night working the large short-row collar in earnest only to find one bottom corner curling up. I tried it on with circular knitting needles dangling and found, to my chagrin, the monk sweatercoat looking less than humble. It looked garish.

When one falters so fantastically there is only one solution: the Rip Out.

Thus, last night saw me ripping out and winding on the short-row collar. Once all the stitches were back on the needles, I picked up that Zen thread of the simple, straight forward rib stitch. We're back to humble. The heavens sing.

The latest brushstrokes . . .


Ashling said...

Your drawing/painting is fantastic...I love the skelton with a drop spindle!

psiam said...

To knit is to rip.

I've been making a netbook pouch/cover which will be felted when I'm done. I'm anxiously wondering if all of this work will be rewarded with a usable item . . . or if I'll wind up with something the size of a change purse. Or just ugly. Jay is entertained by my nightly mutterings at the needles.

It never ceases to amaze me how can-do you are with knitting projects. I, honestly, get intimidated by complex patterns and techniques. You'd think I'd just take the wool by the horns and get to work.

How large is that painting? It looks almost life-sized. :-)