Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's all about the monk

Well, here it is ~ done about two weeks, but the first time I could get near the computer to blog. Plenty busy-ness: minivan shopping, birthday party planning and execution, football season, avoidance of chicken counting. The simple ribbed collar certainly worked best for this simply constructed sweatercoat. Easy peasy to create: 8 mitered squares of a desired size (I think mine measured 12" x 12"), pick up about 50 or so stitches around the arm holes (figured after piecing the squares together) and then as many stitches needed to make a ribbed collar. This creation used a fair amount of Shetland spun for the past couple years so I am pleased with that bit of cleverness. Now Ava is all cleaned and ready to be spun for making something else.

In the meantime, there's that Matchbox car-colored mohair mix yet to be spun (drop spindle). The spinning skeleton and parrot painting has been waiting for some fresh paint. Other projects wait quietly in the wings for action.


Ashling said...

Astonishing and very cool! I'm envious of the talent and cleverness in the planning and execution!

psiam said...

Somehow . . . I thought this was going to be more thigh-length. Shows how skewed my perception can be.

It looks as cozy as it could possibly be, though.