Monday, September 27, 2010

the gray days

It's rainy today. I'm feeling under the weather as well, thanks to whatever plague the youths have carried home to share from school. There are only a few soothing activities I care to engage in when feeling as mentioned. My morning started with the usual email readings and deletings. All pretty passive. Then, seeing September making a hasty exit this week, I created our family calender for October (not that we do much really). That required finding a calaca and a calavera as appropriate to the month. Now I need to dredge up energy to meet with a school guidance counselor and Tom. (A flippin' Senior now ~ can you believe it?) After I get home, somewhat dampened from the rain, I plan on a cup of tea without half-n-half and a healthy dose of spinning. Ava has been waiting patiently in an old pillowcase for some spinning action and today seems perfect for it. Soon I should be right as rain.


Ashling said...

I hope a cozy fire and fuzzy socks complete that picture. Hope you feel better quickly.

psiam said...

Been thinking about you a lot. I'm going to get to an email. Meanwhile, I hope the lure of October has freshened your artistic ambitions.

Ashling said...

I'm missing your blog posts. Hope you've recovered and are just enjoying the Fall days. Any chance we'll be crossing paths (figuratively, anyway) at the Sheep & Wool fest next week?