Sunday, August 22, 2010

steppin' out

We'd had a pretty crappy summer. Dirk and I were engrossed, ground down, by too much Adult Angst which was weighing heavy on the youths (except for Tom who kept busy at the local Rec Center). So, on a whim and a borrowed vehicle, we went to the Sterling Forest Renaissance Faire.

First, Bennie and I got our hair wreaths.

The place is small enough to finally run into #1 son dressed as a pirate and traveling with his acting group. Yarr!

There was much waiting around and map reading.

Ian got to try on this nifty $495 man vest thingy. He thought it would go great with the groovy gauntlets purchased earlier. We thought we'd better put the money toward the next vehicle.

We found the Wizard! Without the Yellow Brick Road.

Heed ye the sign!

This is the Reality we encountered. Sweet ride. Not ours though.

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Ashling said...

Sometimes a visit to an alternate reality is just what mind, soul, and family need! And this reality will get better...really.