Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As these photos show, I've completed one three-quarter length sleeve on my Monk sweatercoat. Once I'd crocheted the seams of the 8 squares together I simply picked up 51 stitches at the arm hole and knit in the round to the desired length, as mentioned, three-quarter length. The other sleeve has just been started. What I'd also like to do is knit on a collar, rib knit, that will go down the entire front of the sweatercoat so the opening overlaps a little when worn. Short rows may be involved which means, shudder the thought, Extensive Math Skills to figure out stitches and turns. Suddenly, knitting becomes rocket science. I'm also toying with the idea of knitted buttons and looped I-cord clasps. Something to mull over while knitting the other sleeve. I'd like to wear this finished piece to the upcoming Sheep & Wool ~ provided it's not sweltering in October.

It is this time of year that has me playing with wool a little more. Must be the cozy, fluffy needs that go along with the advent of cooler weather. My favorite seasons are spring and fall, those in-between and tolerable points of the year. Last night, later in the day than I would have usually started, I scoured Wild Apple Hill Farm's Lamb #422, Ava ~ a little over a pound. If I let it sit longer on the studio floor there wasn't going to be much left as Crystal would tear the bag and roll in it in my absence. (Yeah, she knows how to open the garbage bin drawer too. It's maddening.) The alpaca wool bag has been elevated to avoid a similar onslaught. That wool is too expensive for dog rolling, thank you. Aside from deterring bad dog behavior, it's simply time to spin and make stuff. So Ava is drying quietly in the enclosed laundry room waiting to become something wonderful. A gift, perhaps. Sleepin' on it.

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