Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the parrot and the golden halo

It's been a quiet day filled with domesticity and its simple requirements. No visitors, no relatives. One injured hen. I suspect the neighbor across the way shoots a BB gun at the chickens who have crossed the road and it's no longer a joke. Disappointing.

Although there were a great many things to tend to from lack of tending, I was able to work that parrot in ~ red and in flight. I'm sure the parrot's image will get more elaborate over time (possibly over night if the spirit moves me). The other development in this piece is the golden halo that's surrounding the skeleton. We'll see where that goes as well, shall we?

Just a little SoulCollage on the way out. I feel like the image on the right needs to be titled Black Tourmaline. I'm not sure why. Maybe there's something grounding and protective about the image which gives me that impression.

1 comment:

psiam said...

Where do you find all those fabulous images you use for the Soul Collage cards?

I love the parrot (does that make the skeleton a peckerhead?). I love the halo. I love your paintings!!!