Tuesday, July 13, 2010

today, we are chess pieces

Tom and Bennie are working with Frank at the local Rec Center playing live chess: Capt. Henry Hudson & Crew vs. The Pirates. Tom played Henry Hudson and Bennie was a formidable Queen beating the snot out of Frank on the game board. In the last photo, I fear Tom enjoys his "kills" a little too much. We'll have to talk about that . . .

Dirk and I were impressed with the time and effort put into creating a live chess game involving the Rec Center summer program kids. Tom and Bennie (and nameless others) practiced for weeks and it showed ~ even when Frank stepped in to replace someone who couldn't make it today.

And though Ian is under-represented photographically, I can assure you he is doing well and hanging out with his buddies in town ~ in a Fedora, no less.

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psiam said...

Those are just incredible photos. Do I notice your darling Queen is barefootin'? :-)