Friday, July 23, 2010

rainy day spirit dolls

Based on Violette's Spirit Doll instructions, Bennie and I passed the rainy afternoon painting, glitter gluing and embellishing the dolls we'd sewed earlier this week. (Violette's link isn't working well as of this writing, but the Spirit Doll instructions are a Freebie and on site somewhere.) Last week, I'd done something to my lower back, some sciatic nerve something, and hadn't been down stairs until just this past Monday. I'll not ruin the creative moment with the laundry list of things that needed to be attended to, but after I'd done some of it to the best of my capabilities, I sat down with Bennie to make our dolls ~ something she'd been after me to do for quite some time. Needing to sit more often than deal with domestic chores made it the perfect time to do something creative.

We gleefully went through the calico fabrics, some antique, some new-ish, for the forms. Once sewn and stuffed, we added gesso to the areas we wished to paint. Those sat to dry for a couple of days only because Life kept me busy again and Creativity was put on hold. I detest the Creative hold time ~ there isn't even muzak playing to endure it. Now that they are painted, glitter glued and drying, Bennie is trying to find or think of a quote to add to her doll. I wrote up a quote from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in which Beatrice says: Then there was a star danced and under that I was born. Fitting enough.

Tomorrow, we help a friend build a pre-fab shed for her parents. It'll be like an Amish barn raising, but on a much smaller scale. And with power tools.

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