Thursday, July 29, 2010

more studio meanderings

True to my original intent, I started painting the stool/table thing black. Well, I thought it was black. It's more like a deep, deep umber stain. So I worked two coats while the table was turned over to get the undersides done. Today, I hope to follow through with two coats for the top side, possibly getting a coat of gesso on the metal for a decent painting surface. I'm feeling kind of Van Gogh-ish. Starry Night-ish, in fact. Not a direct copy, but using a few of my favorite elements from that timeless masterpiece ~ moon, stars, the wavy trees and especially the brush strokes.

Every once in awhile, I'm working the sleeve for the Monk Coat. I originally planned to knit mitered squares for the sleeves, but found it too cumbersome to work all that out. So, instead I've picked up about 50 stitches 'round the arm hole and have started knitting the sleeve in the round. It's working so far. The knitting is blissfully meditative as well ~ something I can do with this summer.

Finally, I have here my finished Spirit Doll bejeweled and bedazzled. She can hang on the studio desk awhile. Bennie is still dressing her doll up and would still like to find an inspiring quote. Shakespeare is generally good for such stuff. Sometimes a little Emily Dickinson goes a long way too.

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