Wednesday, July 28, 2010

meanwhile, back in the studio

Yes. The easel has been moved into a more prominent area of the studio. Dead in the middle, in fact. That should keep my attention awhile. It's been too long since I've painted.

However, the other thing that has caught my attention is this stool I've been using to stack brushes and paints on while I'm painting. The Naugahyde was ripped off unceremoniously sometime ago to reveal a rusting sheet of metal for the seat. I wasn't inspired to do much about it at the time, but now I am. It's suddenly important to get this thing painted and embellished before I even paint the blank paper on the easel. Procrastination? Perhaps, but at least I'm still painting. It has to count for something.

1 comment:

psiam said...

Why am I envisioning a punched-tin approach to that stool? Or embossing?

I'll be keeping track of how long you manage to dance around that easel. I've got my own elephant in the living room to deal with. ;-)