Friday, June 11, 2010

of zentangles and the studio mess

But first: Youth secures Scholastic Award for ~ drum roll, please! ~ Most Industrious Behind the Scenes in Drama. We were assured it's a For-Real award.

Photo of said youth giving his mother such a pinch.

Now. Enough silliness.

Here is a zentangle from my journal. It was indeed very relaxing. Most Zen in the highest.

Tremendously Zen: piecing together my squares for the monk sweater coat. Single crocheted with Bernat Matrix ribbon yarn.

Way Un-Zen: Messy studio.

This corner is the worst. There's even art from my kid's art class lying about!

Then there's these two bags of fleece taunting me.

At least the clean-up area is in order.

But look at these loose ends! The meandering saori on the loom. The pile of squares yet to get to Africa. The jeans that need patching and embroidering.

Even the study desk is in disarray with Tarot books, journals and paperwork I'm trying to ignore.

Georgia looks over the whole mess with a certain disdain.

Trust me, some days, she's smiling like the Mona Lisa. Not today though.

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Ashling said...

Hey--not everyone can have 'mess' with artistic flair!