Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Canterbury Tales

Last night, our little family went to the Middle School play The Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus by Burton Bumgarner. I'd been watching a lot of the rehearsal time the past few weeks wondering how the director was going to pull this unruly mob together, but to her credit, Mrs. Mech, made real actors out these Middle School students.

Ian was the running gag of the show as the Miller who never really got to tell his tale because his "mother" was in the audience. Really. It was part of the script! During rehearsal, I thought he really choked and was getting stage fright his acting was so good.

Bennie was Sloth. Now, when she told me months back she'd gotten this part, she wasn't too happy. I tried to cheer up saying that sloths could be cute and fuzzy, despite the claws and inherent slowness. She then told me her friends were Pride and Anger. Oh. The Seven Deadly Sins?! Hey, the Seven Deadlys rock! Humanity would be lost without them. Tom was a help reminding Bennie there are no small parts in a play.

This dark figure in the back of the auditorium is Tom. He was the Lighting Tech. Truly an important job. Somebody had better know how to throw a switch in a room full of drama queens and unsuspecting audience members.

Here is Ian again as the Miller after telling his tale to the Wife of Bath off-stage.

Bennie did get to act out something cute and fuzzy as the Sheep in a comedic running scene during the tale of Chanticleer, the Rooster.

It was a very fun show. All our youths did a fine job acting and managing lighting as well stage settings. I'm eager to pop in Monty Python and the Holy Grail to pass a potentially rainy afternoon with.

From the Props Department, I absconded with the Scene Introduction Placards I helped paint for the show. A couple will go in Tom's room ~ still maintaining that Stage theme ~ and more will go about the house. I might make a placard reading The Miller's Tale for Ian's character who didn't get to tell his unanimously-agreed repulsive tale.

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