Tuesday, May 18, 2010

paving my highway to hell

I have not been particularly productive in the past couple of weeks. There are things I ought to be doing if I'm going to sell any of my creations. I may not have a name for the Blocks, but they are there. They're not Legos. These Blocks lack color, interlocking pegs or massive building contests in toy stores. In short, they aren't fun.

After I post here (and there), it is my intention to photograph the other watercolors I'd like to sell and upload them to my Artfire. This blog is my only advertisement. It is one of my other Baby Steps.
In the meantime, I meandered on over to Fun a few days ago with this:
It's my Zodiac Mandala from Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Yourself, something I've been playing with at the odd moment since winter. It was helpful to have an astrological chart handy to create the layout ~ free charts can be gleaned on the 'net here. It was interesting to see how stuff layed out and the connections the Major Arcana made in my chart. However, you need the book to do the layout; I don't have the right to describe it here.
And really, aside from a Girl Scout trip to the Jersey Shore and other various bits of running around that's about all I've been doing.
Little bitty note: One of our brooding hens has successfully hatched at least on chick. There may be others lurking beneath that fluffed plumage, but she won't let me see them without growling and pecking. So . . . now I have more chicks. Just lay some more asphalt, Beezlebub.

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