Tuesday, May 04, 2010

down with the cashmere down

All the cashmere down has been spun into singles. This is the second of Bennie's wristy-cuffs on the needles. The first is on her wrist already looking cool at school. (I might have made them a little tight though ~ time will tell.) The curious thing is the difference in amount of yarn I got from each down. My 1 oz sample yielded far less than what Bennie's did. I don't know if I was shorted or if it's the use of a different spindle. Bennie's down got the top whorl, I got the bottom. I don't know who got to Scotland afore me.

In the realm of Random Shots 'Round the Studio, I've included some ongoing studies ~ two out of four of the Elementals based on Evolutionary Witchcraft's Feri stuff and visions from those meditations. The personal practice has been sorely lacking. Can't seem to get through Water.

Star Finder

Shining Flame

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