Sunday, May 30, 2010

okay. so life's a little crazy this weekend

Yes, there's been a lot going on. Ian and Bennie at dress rehearsals for the Middle School play. Tom building sets and practicing stage combat. People coming and going. Very little time for knitting or sketching. But, I have concert photos as promised. (Thanks to Laurie and Rebecca!)

Rachel, Bennie, Allisen and Rebecca score tickets. Very important for entry.

And some post-show shots of Lacey vocals for Flyleaf.

Pat Seals, Flyleaf bass guitar.

Sameer Bhattacharya, one Flyleaf guitarist.

And the lead vocal, Darroh Sudderth, from our new favorite band Fair to Midland.

Now I can rock on through the rest of the weekend.

Friday, May 28, 2010

on visual journalings past

I subscribe to Zen Habits blog feed. Creativity and solitude . . . my solitude has to be found in the middle of a crowd. I try to make my own Island of Creativity in the middle of chaos. Most times, I'm successful. Other times, the top of another mountain wouldn't be far enough.

I made myself read again the first chapters of Ganim & Fox's Visual Journaling ~ Going Deeper than Words. Along with the other self-imposed personal projects, I felt it was time to really work with the visual journaling exercises ~ maybe learn something this time 'round.

This is yesterday's image . . .

However, something prompted me to look at other journal entries I'd done; almost all of them were done at the lakeside beach amidst the cacophony of children swimming and building sand castles or counting the bobbing heads of those I was responsible for that day . . .

I am surprised I'd done so many without the benefits of doing all the exercises from the book. My very first entry was in 2000. Between two 11" x 14" sketchbooks, I have 10 years of visual journal entries. Not consistent, but a great many that carry deeper meanings than I ever realized at the time.
There were even a couple of these . . .

Conversational Comix with my Sticky One. It's as if it wasn't Me who created these things.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

plans that go awry sometimes are best


I went to a Flyleaf concert with Dirk, Laurie, my daughter and her friends at the Chance. Earlier in the day Laurie had (sort of) confirmed there would be tickets at the door as the show hadn't been sold out. Ordering the buggers on line were tagged with a hefty handling fee neither of us were willing to pay. (Yeah, $22.95 handling for 3 General Admission tickets at $20.00 each. How fast can you say Bite Me!)

Running a little late, we parked, but were informed by the parking attendant the show was sold out. Since Dirk and I were on the fence about even going to this concert, we were okay with the idea of maybe a movie and pizza instead of several hours of Alternative Rock I don't think we've heard yet. However, Dirk being the sucker he is, saw the disappointment on all the girls' faces and sprung into action. Technically, we did not scalp tickets because we paid face value for all 7 of them from various people selling either singles or doubles, but it was something we hadn't done in a dog's age. A lot of that cruising-for-tickets activity was B.C. ~ Before Children. These days with young 'uns in tow, we like the certainty of getting into an event by purchasing tickets well in advance. So this was a bit of an adventure.

Tickets in hand without the exhorbitant handling fees, the fun begins. It turned out there were 3 bands warming up for Flyleaf which adds up to one long night, by golly. We'd missed the very first, Junket, trying to get everyone their tickets. Then Sugar Red Drive came on ~ interesting music with one cover tune from Alice in Chains. Dirk and I were impressed with the flailing antics of the lead vocalist in Fair to Midland. In fact, Darroh Sudderth, as far as we could discern given the surrounding cacophany, actually had a fine voice. I'd need to listen to a couple studio cuts to say that hands down. Dirk liked the lead guitar, Cliff Campbell. All in all, it was a band with raw energy. If Ian were with us, I think he might have liked them.

Finally, Flyleaf got on stage and finished out the show. Lacey belted out the vocals, the bass and guitar players managed feats of derring do on raised podiums while maintaining their riffs. It was a good show. And, really, nothing does a mother's heart better than to see her 11-year-old daughter raise the horned Ozzie rock salute to a band she enjoys.

Once outside all the girls got pictures and autographs on ticket stubs and sneakers (hey, use what you got). We didn't get home until very late, but I got everyone up and off to school. No one seemed sluggish this morning, but I'm sure we'll all be napping by 4:00pm today.

I hope to post pics of Bennie and some of the band members soon ~ the camera wasn't mine. Besides, I remember from my earlier concert forays to travel light. You never know what's going to happen.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here is Brody the Black Australop with FIVE chicks! Two more hatched over night. The little yellow fellow was the latest to hatch this morning. Brody is showing the peeps how to use the nifty new feeder we outfitted the Peep Area with. It'll cut down on the waste of chick starter. We're waiting another week (I think) for Stained Glass to hatch a few chicks. In the meantime, the 12 chicks we've ordered are unruly and noisy and eat like ravenous teenagers at a pizza party. These chicks and the broody hens are all housed in the same space, but it's all good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

paving my highway to hell

I have not been particularly productive in the past couple of weeks. There are things I ought to be doing if I'm going to sell any of my creations. I may not have a name for the Blocks, but they are there. They're not Legos. These Blocks lack color, interlocking pegs or massive building contests in toy stores. In short, they aren't fun.

After I post here (and there), it is my intention to photograph the other watercolors I'd like to sell and upload them to my Artfire. This blog is my only advertisement. It is one of my other Baby Steps.
In the meantime, I meandered on over to Fun a few days ago with this:
It's my Zodiac Mandala from Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Yourself, something I've been playing with at the odd moment since winter. It was helpful to have an astrological chart handy to create the layout ~ free charts can be gleaned on the 'net here. It was interesting to see how stuff layed out and the connections the Major Arcana made in my chart. However, you need the book to do the layout; I don't have the right to describe it here.
And really, aside from a Girl Scout trip to the Jersey Shore and other various bits of running around that's about all I've been doing.
Little bitty note: One of our brooding hens has successfully hatched at least on chick. There may be others lurking beneath that fluffed plumage, but she won't let me see them without growling and pecking. So . . . now I have more chicks. Just lay some more asphalt, Beezlebub.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

down with the cashmere down

All the cashmere down has been spun into singles. This is the second of Bennie's wristy-cuffs on the needles. The first is on her wrist already looking cool at school. (I might have made them a little tight though ~ time will tell.) The curious thing is the difference in amount of yarn I got from each down. My 1 oz sample yielded far less than what Bennie's did. I don't know if I was shorted or if it's the use of a different spindle. Bennie's down got the top whorl, I got the bottom. I don't know who got to Scotland afore me.

In the realm of Random Shots 'Round the Studio, I've included some ongoing studies ~ two out of four of the Elementals based on Evolutionary Witchcraft's Feri stuff and visions from those meditations. The personal practice has been sorely lacking. Can't seem to get through Water.

Star Finder

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