Saturday, April 10, 2010

pony up, gals . . .

The Troop went to Hot to Trot Stables yesterday for learnin' and ridin'.

After horses were brushed (they were might muddy, at that) and tacked everyone made their way to the riding ring.

This ring is managed by three wonderful, confident ladies.

Rebecca, on Frosty.

Rachel, astride Ebony.

And Laurie, the ring leader, head honcho and other labels of high degree in the art of running stuff. As noted, on terra firma.

Bennie lead Tank up to the ring. She's kind of an old hand here as she's slept over at Rebecca's house enough to have spent time with the horses.

Later, she got her turn on Odie (former actor ~ was in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan).

Then Dirk got his turn for a trot with Odie. We had showed up early to remove rocks and rake the ring. And Dirk was familiar with dealing with horses from his days working the Cimarron Ranch.

And I got to ride Tank, by golly! Honestly, it had been years since I'd been on a horse. A back operation at 13 kept me terra firma all these years for fear of falling and injury, but Tank was sure and steady, sometimes not even interested in moving. That was fine by me!

I'm pictured here with the other leaders of our Troop.
L to the R: Carol on Odie, me on Tank, Marie on Ebony.

We didn't all exactly ride off into the sunset, but once home I was full of horse hair, mud and exhiliration. Sleep was good. Fun must have been had.


psiam said...

I had no idea that Bennie liked horses, nor that Dirk had worked at a ranch.

Dare I say that it looks like you finally had a GS event that brought you pleasure?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all had fun with "da hawsees!"

Love ya,
Rose :o)