Friday, April 23, 2010

of patios and peeps

Watching Dirk work on his mother's patio, I figured I'd be dipped if I was going another summer without one myself. As I am the Queen of Using Stuff at Hand, a plan formulated with bricks our mason refused to use and some of the substrate materials left over from Dirk's mother's patio project. The new table and chairs had been spending all of last summer through to date on a left over piece of carpet. Nice on the feet, not so good for the wood ~ especially if the carpet gets wet.

So we took these bricks.

And made this.

Here it is again from the future balcony. At present, we have doors that lead to certain peril if it weren't for the 2 x 4's barring the way.

This has absolutely nothing to do with bricks and their uses, but here are the new additions to the flock. (Or additions to the errant critter's Midnight All-Y0u-Can-Eat Buffet menu ~ perception is everything here.) Safely tucked away in the trailer, under a cozy heat lamp are 2 Leghorns, 4 Americanas (1 of which is a rooster, of course), and 2 Rhode Island Reds. Soon to join this batch are a pair of Buff Orpingtons a little late in arriving. The little peeps are a pleasure.


psiam said...

Can't wait to see another picture once you've got the patio furniture set up. And, of course, more chix pix.

Ashling said...

There's no temptation quite like little fluffy chicks; we had a 15 minute debate in Agway last week in front of the chick cages on whether to embark on raising chickens. So far we're holding out...but definitely not ruling it out.