Monday, April 05, 2010

more on the flipside

But first: Bennie swimming in April! I'm chilly just looking at the photo. Neither of the boys would participate in anything so crazy. They played games until nearly blind during the short Spring Break.

This is nearly all of my SoulCollage deck with the backs finished. Some are a little sticky still, but nothing that can't be managed. Little tidbits were added to a few ~ feathers, pressed flowers, confetti. I used an old credit card to spread the acrylic paint around, waited for that to dry and then covered the lot with matte medium finish. I feel rather nifty.

And it's true, patience isn't my strongest virtue when it comes to finishing a project. I didn't have another ball of the #147, but I did have the same Vanna's Choice in #304 Seaspray Mist. Like Steven Wright, I match my socks by thickness.

In the Cats In Weird Places section, I give you: Piwaqit on the Millie.

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