Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cozy squares

I love mitered squares for this Simple Mindless knitting! All in garter stitch, too. Nothing fancy about these humble grays and umbers. The squares are randomly sized, however, and that is where the challenge will come in: the construction of the monkish sweatercoat. As I've been knitting through the earth tones, I began imagining colored wools holding the squares together ~ bright, crazy colors dancing in between. That idea came along after having all of Bennie's brightly-colored cashmere down spun and ready for knitting. (Forgot a photo.)

What I really enjoy are the textures and subtle tone changes these wools make.

And in other news: This past weekend, Tom was the villan, Jafar, in the Rec Center's showing of Aladdin. Ian was a chorus guy in the show, but the camera was refusing quality photos for far away people. I gave up and enjoyed the show instead. It was said Tom stole the show.

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psiam said...

Love the wooly squares.

Tom's turned into quite the handsome young man.