Thursday, March 25, 2010

workin' it!

Last night, I got a burst of energy ~ fueled by a finished fleece and a desire to work something big. Once Kevin was spun and plied, I got busy going through the other gray-to-brown wools with an idea in mind. I dug up Alissa, Sweet Pea (a dark gray Romney) and a chocolate brown wool I'd spun and plied 2 years ago, origins unknown at present. They all got a good washing to remove the last of the sticky lanolin (some weren't all that well washed ~ must have been the soap used at the time) and are hanging as shown. The first is Alissa, the second hanging is Sweet Pea. Chillin' in the laundry room is Kevin. It all looks a little weird in my bathroom, but after a spin in the washing machine, they're nearly dry and ready for . . . the Idea. To be posted at a latter date, cliff-hanger style.

I started spinning Bennie's Cashmere down during The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother. Tom seems to be in a Sherlock Holmes phase, watching Jeremy Brett (those were goodies, eh?), no Basil, and reading a few of the books. I told him Smarter Brother was a must-see. I love Madeline Kahn and Gene Wilder ~ Dom DeLuise was, as always, a stitch. I don't know how much he enjoyed it. He was playing an on-line game the whole time. Maybe if the new girlfriend were here to watch along with him instead of his mother, guffawing and spinning.

And in case you've forgotten: It's a dog's life.

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