Wednesday, March 10, 2010


That's 'Visual Journaling,' in case the title wasn't clear.

Bennie found this book in AC Moore's on a crafty shopping spree (she'd received a gift card at xmas). She brought it over to show me and I pooh-pooh'd it saying, "You know how to do this stuff without the book. Besides, with the money available on this card, it's either the items you've chosen or this book." She returned it to the shelf stating she'd get it another time. Better to have paints and canvas than another book right now.

Then I wandered on over to the site.

Well, maybe the book would be handy after all. I write in my journal frequently, not everyday, but enough to fill pages before the year is out. Why would I ignore the opportunity to be creative in something I do nearly everyday? I don't always get huge blocks of time to paint. In fact, part of that creative process is carving out the time to paint. I fit knitting in wherever I'm waiting. Spinning I tend to do while the TV is on with the family at night. The journal is my Daily Grind, why let it languish with odes to Pissing & Moaning?

These are some illustrations I've done to date . . .

The Om Frog agrees.

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