Friday, March 05, 2010

there are few words

The following are random shots from this past weekend and the crazy snow storm that hovered over our part of the world. We didn't have power from Thursday night until Tuesday afternoon. Despite the inconveniences (and there were many I won't bother listing here), we did have some fun. Enjoy the images!


Julie Schuler said...

Very pretty pictures, but I'm ready to give winter the boot.

psiam said...

Is that Ian in the pale green plaid jacket?

You've just made me terribly homesick for the Hudson Valley. However . . . seeing bright sunshine and knowing it will get warm enough this weekend to get out on the motorcycles will go a long way toward quelling that emotion.

And who is the shaggy white pooch?

ashling said...

You all got more snow than we did here at the foot of the Catskills! What a gorgeous dog--what breed?