Tuesday, March 16, 2010

some skinny

Bennie, inspired by Violette, has been taking up residence in the studio space doing a few of her own paintings and collages. For the past two days, she's been dropping the backpack, getting a snack and then heading for the painting table to play. And, yes, the homework is done, Mom. Nothing should get in the way of creativity.

Which is why, I got myself a little busy today. Too much has been getting in the way of my creativity. Won't bother listing the beef.

I moodled over an idea of painting the backs of the SoulCollage cards instead of lining them with wrapping paper or creating some other kind of printed back design. They won't all match exactly except in color ~ which is easy to do for the time being because I have paint used for the walls in the house. (The problem is we'll need the paint for the second/third coats on some of the walls.) What I envision is the matching colors corresponding to the four suits as created by Seena Frost, but with some variations ~ sponge painting, spatters, brush strokes. The first hazard: some of the cards curled upon applying the gesso. The card stock ones, in fact. Note to self: tape down the card stock based images. The tender beginnings of a completed Commitee Suit pictured here. (I'll have to move them before Bennie comes home to do her paintings!)

And I started a sock. Magic Loop again. Mindless knitting was necessary. I'm still in GS overnight recovery. I might remember my name by lunch. It's lunch now? Nevermind.

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