Wednesday, March 24, 2010

rediscovering fiber-y treasures

It is the last of #239 Shetland. Let's call him Kevin, shall we? It offers some hope that the fellow who gave of his fleece is still walking the earth with grim, if not hairless, satisfaction. I am very close to plying this puppy. Then, perhaps a boxy cardigan sort of sweater? A couch? Who knows? In this, the world is my oyster.

Making my way to the studio, I found these other bags. I assumed they were both more Shetland from the Wild Apple Hill Farm. Imagine my surprise when I opened the second bag to find a substantial amount of fine brown alpaca. The Shetland is 1.89 lbs of the ewe, Ava, purchased for $28 at last year's Sheep & Wool. Now I have fleece cleaning to do. The sweater of my imagination is increasing in length as I write.

In the same bag with the alpaca, I found these . . .

A small bag of last year's Sheep & Wool featured fleece, Leicester Longwool, and roving merely marked "Tartan Green." Couldn't tell you what sheep it came from ~ I'm going to guess Corriedale, but don't hold me to it.

But wait! There's more . . .
How about this bunny wool and two tiny bags of Cashmere down? The plan is to mix the bunny wool with the short bits of the #239 (aka Kevin) wool just to see what happens. One little baggie of Cashmere down is for Bennie, the other for me. She wanted to spin up the Cashmere down herself. I forbade it. She can try her hand at some cheap and tawdry Romney or even leftover bits of Shetland, but not Cashmere down. These spun up into singles can become wristlets with some beads.

And here is happy quick sock #1 nearing the toe.

Brighid is with me until sundown today as well. Really, I am wealthy beyond measure.


Julie Schuler said...

I sometimes wish I would learn to spin my own yarn, but not too much as to actually do it! I can live vicariously through you.

Ashling said...

Such treasures! How wonderful to behold them, and your delight!